Commercial Trucking Insurance in San Antonio, Texas

Do you rely on a truck for business? If so, you need to make sure you have the best possible vehicle insurance you can afford. It doesn’t matter whether you use your truck to deliver packages around our city, or furniture across our state, your truck is your lifeline to financial stability and freedom.

Commercial truck insurance can cover a variety of risks, including owner operator, motor carrier insurance, and private carrier insurance. It provides coverage for bodily injury liability and any property damage the policyholder causes to another person while operating a commercial truck.

Commercial Trucks We Insure:

  • Courier Trucks
  • Towing Trucks
  • Dump Trucks
  • Moving Trucks
  • Cargo Trucks
  • Bobtail Trucks
  • And more

We offer protection for you and your commercial trucking and transportation needs including auto liability, non-trucking liability, general liability, motor truck cargo, and physical damage trailer interchange.

The most significant component of truck insurance is liability. Primary liability coverage has certainly required minimums and would cover injuries to the other driver and damage to their vehicle in an accident.

General liability covers your truck when you are not on the road but have an accident in a parking lot, rest stop or while loading cargo. It can also protect you in case of vandalism or theft. Also, non-trucking liability protects you from liability while your truck is not under dispatch.

Here at Pantusa Insurance, we understand that it can be confusing with some many options of insurance coverage to choose. We ask that you speak to our commercial truck insurance agents at (210) 599-4555. We can customize the perfect insurance policy for your unique needs.

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